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What is Hapioca?

Hapioca is a social networking community that creates opportunities for you to connect with other like-minded individuals & groups, to share your favorite activities and tell everyone just how much you loved your most recent hiking trip to Hawaii, or how many fish you caught at Lake Michigan last weekend. (And if we are lucky, maybe you can give us some tips on how to catch the big one!) Hapioca's mission is to promote physical wellness & global consciousness through being the best resource for living a fun and active lifestyle.

Here's how it works:

Sign Up and Create a Profile. Sign up, It's Free! Tell us about yourself (what activities do you enjoy, what's on your "50 things to do list"), share photos and write reviews of your most recent adventures.

Invite your friends! Getting other people involved helps our community grow. (Who knows? You may discover that your best friend loves to snowshoe and it's something you've always wanted to try!)

Browse the site. See what groups are meeting in your area, or what upcoming trips are planned. Sign up for a trip and tell other people about it! Don't see anything that interests you? Start your own and invite your friends to join you! You will create closer connections between you & your friends as well as have the chance to meet new people with similar interests.

Share. Go to the Review page and share some of your favorites places to go camping, fishing, hiking, etc. Give us some tips (what should we bring, what trail do you recommend, what's a must see or what should we avoid?)

Don't be shy! Browse other user's profiles. See someone with similar interests? Send them a message, add them as a friend or invite them on a trip!

Get involved. You will get more out of the site and your friendships the more you are actively involved. So get connected, join a group, plan a trip, and get active!

Questions & Comments:

Hapioca is a new site, and we are constantly developing new features. We'd love to get your feedback! Email us if you have suggestions or comments.

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