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Ashleigh S.
San Francisco CA
5.0 stars
Challenging Hike With Awesome Views!
At 1592' Cowles Mountain boasts some of the best views in the San Diego area. My boyfriend and I went hiking at Cowles Mountain for my birthday. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, so the trails were pretty busy as usual, but it was still a really fun hike. 

The views from the top of the mountain are amazing! I read online that from the top Cowles Mountain you have access to the Pyles Peak trail, so we decided to check that out as well. You descend down the side of Cowles Mountain to reach the Pyles Peak trail, and then it's another about 1.5 miles to the top of Pyles Peak. 

I love backcountry hiking, so I preferred the Pyles Peak trail to Cowles Mountain. Pyles Peak is 1379' and the trails much quieter and secluded. We only saw 3 people on our way up to Pyles Peak. 

If you are looking for a little longer hike, that's more enjoyable I would definitely recommend continuing on to Pyles Peak from the top of Cowles Mountain. It's an out & back, so doing this makes it about a 6 mile hike, twice as long as doing just Cowles Mountain. The extra miles are definitely worth it!

This is one of the first hikes we've done since moving to San Diego, and I loved it. I understand why so many people come's a great hike! The hike is challenging, and the trails are interesting with steep climbs and rocks throughout. Definitely check it out!


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