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Ashleigh S.
San Francisco CA
4.0 stars
Beautiful Underwater Park-Great for Snorkeling!
La Jolla Cove is not only a haven for seals and their pups, it's a natural underwater park. 

It's great if you live in the San Diego area and want to do a quick dive or some snorkeling close to home! My boyfriend and I went snorkeling here for his birthday at the end of April. Although the water was a little chilly to stay out for too long, the water was calm and the visibility was really great. 

We saw a lot of garibaldi, they are the most easily spotted of species, because of their bright orange coloring, and because there are so many of them in the Cove. We also saw a school of gray/yellow fish, which unfortunately I don't know the name of. I would like to assume they were yellowtail, but seems a bit too small? We also saw a HUGE harbor seal, that at first we thought was a whale (the thing had to be 7 feet long and 4 feet wide)! It was pretty awesome, and definitely one of the coolest things I've seen, although a bit startling at first!

I would definitely recommend a trip to the Cove if not only to check out the harbor seals and their cute little pups during pupping season (February-May)! 


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