Playa Del Amante (Lover's Beach)

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Ashleigh S.
San Francisco CA
4.5 stars
Must See: Beautiful Beach and Rock Formations
Lover's Beach is a must see if you are in Cabo, but to get to this hidden cove you'll need to hire a water taxi at the marina. Glass bottom boats aren't really worth it as you can't see much through the glass anyway. Any boat will do-take your pick! The captain will take you on a tour of the diving areas around the arch (El Arco), point out Lover's Beach, then go around the popular point for a wonderful view of where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean (Divorce Beach).

Pack a lunch, and spend the afternoon enjoying Lover's Beach and the striking wind and water shaped rock formations. Ask your captain to come back for you at a pre-determined time (all for one price). Be careful swimming here as the waves and currents of the Pacific are powerful. Swimming near the arch or the Pacific side of the beach (Divorce Beach) is very dangerous. Stick to the bay side where schools of multi-colored fish are plentiful and the water is calmer and clearer. 

*tip: Bring items that you don't mind getting wet. It's quite an adventure getting in/out of your boat to shore. Or hand off your items to locals to carry to shore and give them a small tip for their help. It's worth it!


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