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I live in a small town where everyone knows you. The wonderful thing about that is you have an extended family who cares about you. They offer encouragement in tough times and share your joys and accomplishments. My family is very important to me, and I love spending time with them. Some of my favorite time is with my Dad in the garden, and plant trips that we take with my brother. I have four brothers and they are all unique and special to me, I have been blessed with wonderful people who surround me. I have two daughters who are both grown, and beautiful, seeking their dreams. Praying I will have the opportunity to see them find what they are looking for in their lives. They both live or talk of living in warmer climates, I don't blame them as it is about -20 below today with the wind. I have a great husband who will go along with trying new things, and is ready for adventure, as long as it includes a little baseball. We look forward to a time where we can do a little more of the things we love.


photography, walking, hiking, animals, gardening, kids, scrapbooking, sewing

Places I'd Like to See

Alaska, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Pyramids, Yosemite National Park, Grand Teatons National Park, Vancouver, Africa, Smokey Mountains

On My "50 Things To Do" List

hike through the Grand Canyon, zipline through the Costa Rican rainforest, go up in a hot air balloon, watch my future grandchildren grow up, Work in the Botanical gardens, See Hawaii, Travel to Africa with my Daughter

My Fav Places

Saint Louis Botanical Gardens, Glacier National Park, Saint Louis

My Living Green Tips

Compost. Recycle. Lasagna gardening. Grow your own vegetables. Use a water filter.

My Fav Organizations

The Humane Society

On My Playlist

Harp, Contemporary Christian, Bagpipes, Acoustic, Christmas Music, Folk, Irish Folk Music

Good Books

Nora Roberts, The Bible, Francine Rivers

My Fav Movies

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"Live, Laugh, Love"


Whitehall, WI



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