About Me

I have been a Cardinals fan since 1964, and have followed them every day. I would love to some day live in Saint Louis and work for the Cardinals baseball team. I really enjoy walleye fishing on the Mississippi River and just recently caught a 30" walleye. I love all sports, and enjoy going to the high school games. Especially basketball and football. I also like playing card games like whist, dirty clubs, or partner euchre.


alternative medicine, fitness, bowling, St. Louis Cardinals, helping others, all sports, walking, baseball, fishing

Places I'd Like to See

Naples Florida, Hawaii, Gulf Coast of Florida, New Zealand, London, Alaska, Australia, Smokey Mountains, Denver, New Hampshire, Tampa, Connecticut, Red Wood in Northern CA, Salt Lake City, Niagara Falls

On My "50 Things To Do" List

Visit New Mexico, Go fishing in the Ozarks, Live in St. Louis, Work for the St. Louis Cardinals, Go to Cardinals spring training in Jupiter FL, Play with my future grandkids

My Fav Places

Toronto ON, Duluth MN, Montreal QC, St. Germain WI, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Kallispell MT, Saint Louis MO

My Living Green Tips

Eat organic. Use less chemicals. Use water filters. Energy saving light bulbs. Walk more.

My Fav Organizations

On My Playlist

Oldies, The Beach Boys

Good Books

Joel Olsteen, The Bible, Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey

My Fav Movies

Pretty Woman, The Longest Yard, Radio, My Best Friend's Wedding, Happy Gilmore, Remember the Titans, The Wedding Singer, Cadyshack, Runaway Bride, The Shawshank Redemption


"Gone Fishing"


Whitehall, WI


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Field Technician

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